Things you must consider before and while processing your Student Visa Application through Agent/Education Consultants

  1. At the very first stage you should check whether the education consultant is Authorized Agent by the University. It is always helpful and beneficial to process your entire application through education consultants. Experienced education consultants certainly can help you in obtaining university admission, scholarship, visa, etc.
  2. Consider whether the agent is well qualified and have the sufficient capability to handle your entire Application.
  3. You must not pay any cash amount to the agent as for advance tuition fees before or after visa. No agent is authorized by the respective university to take cash on behalf of the university. Furthermore, as per Bangladesh Bank’s strict rules and regulation, no person can transfer any amount of money to abroad. You can only give the Bank Draft to the agent which is payable only to the University. However, you might need to pay a small amount of money to the agent as for file opening charge, DHL charge, Application Fees (if required), etc. Please note that most of the students are being cheated by those agents who take cash money.
  4. If you are required to pay advance tuition fees before visa to confirm your place, you must do so by Wire Transfer or Banker’s Draft. Before you send Bank Draft to the University or college, make sure whether it is a University or public funded college or private college. Try to avoid sending Bank Draft/Wire Transfer as for advance tuition fee to the private colleges except few private colleges which have strong establishment. In most circumstances, usually private colleges do not refund money in case of visa refusal.
  5. Make sure you have strong financial sponsorship. Approximately, 90% from the refused students get visa refusal due to financial sponsorship. You must not take any financial sponsorship support from any education consultants. In most cases, usually agent produces forge bank statements.
  6. You must not contract with any education consultant for student visa. Please note that no education consultancy firm can contract with any High Commission regarding student visa. If you can satisfy all the requirements required in obtaining student visa, you will get it. Unless otherwise, you will not.
  7. Make sure your statement of purpose, visa application form is well written which clearly demonstrate you precise intention in selecting the course, in choosing the University, you future plan, etc. Please note that if your intention to study abroad is unclear or vague, you are highly unlikely to satisfy the entry clearance officer in obtaining the student visa.
  8. If you are being called for interview, take good preparation about the possible questions that you might have to face.
  9. Make sure that the counselor is taking personal care in making your University Application, Visa Application, etc. Try to share all the information and documents with the counselors. Things that are unimportant or irrelevant to you, might be very helpful in obtaining Scholarship, Admission, even Student Visa, e.g. extra-curricular activities, publication, etc.
  10. Try not to pay any service charge to the Education Consultants, because, in most of the cases Education Consultants get commission from the partner universities. However, if you would like to process your entire application at your desired university with whom Education Consultants does not have any agreement or universities like UBC, Toronto, UCL, MIT, etc who do not recruit students through Agent, you might need to pay service charge. Make sure to make an agreement in this regard.
  11. Be smart, think positive, try to know everything – no one will be able to cheat with you ever. Never try to be over-smart, never try to cheat with the Education Consultants, University and Embassy. All of them are smarter than you.